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Drenko Contractors, LLC is a full-service kitchen remodeling company in Lafayette. Count on us to take your kitchen from boring to beautiful before you know it.

Like they say, variety is the spice of life!

A home is a recipe in itself, and everything has to come together in the right way to create something great. With a home, the "ingredients" are the different rooms. And if there's ever something off, you tend to notice right away. Just like if there's a bad ingredient in one of your recipes.

So when you're tired of having a stale, old kitchen in your home, change the kitchen "ingredient" in no time with a kitchen remodel from our specialists.

You can rely on our professionals to completely transform your kitchen from top to bottom (or add in some new elements for a refreshing new look). Trust our team to take on all aspects of your remodel from start to finish.

For plumbing and electrical work, we bring in trusted subcontractors to complete the work. We wouldn't bring in these teams if we weren't certain they could deliver outstanding results.

Just imagine what a new kitchen could do for your home! Get in touch with Drenko Contractors, LLC right away to start coordinating your remodel.