Invest In Rental Properties for Passive Income

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If you're searching for a way to invest your capital to create a consistent passive income stream, partner with Hammerhead Capital. Our team builds single-family and multifamily rental properties. Working with us eliminates a wide range of costs during the rental process because we function simultaneously as developer, builder and asset manager.

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Meeting a rising demand

More and more families are searching for rental homes, moving away from the apartment lifestyle. There's a huge opportunity for growth with the rising demand for single-family rentals, which is where your investment comes in.

Investing in build-to-rent properties is a smart choice because...

  • As occupancy rates rise in single-family homes, we're able to add rent premiums for a higher ROI.
  • We can design a variety of rental options and amenities, meeting needs for multiple markets.
  • Depend on our experience to manage the construction process and asset management to give you a stress-free passive income source.

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